Signe Wilkinson draws four cartoons a week for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and They are syndicated nationally by the Washington Post Writers Group and are posted regularly on all the annoying social media “platforms”. 

Signe studied art, though not long enough, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia where she was taught how to draw a hand from the late master teacher Robert Beverley Hale who would cry if he saw how little she’d learned.  She took her early cartoons to the great caricaturist and satirist Edward Sorel who took one look at her wan line and exclaimed, “So this is what cartooning has come to in the later part of the 20th Century.”  He then took out a sheet of tracing paper, drew over her work to show her how it was done. They are still friends.

Her work has appeared in many collections, most recently, “Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists” by Martha H. Kennedy.  She has two skinny collections of cartoons, the 1992 “Abortion Cartoons on Demand” and the 2005, “One Nation, Under Surveillance”.   Plus she designed a 1999 Rizzoli calendar, “How to Grow the $735 Tomato” which included many of her “Organic Gardening” magazine drawings.  

Signe lives in Philadelphia with her husband, their beloved mutt Toony, and their house full of mice and moths. 

SPEAKING: Signe has spoken and given classes at Universities from Santa Clara University to the University of North Dakota (IN JANUARY!) to Philadelphia’s Drexel, and Temple Universities and the University of Pennsylvania. She also enjoys speaking at women’s clubs, Rotaries, retirement communities and to pretty anyone else who would like to see her cartoons.

To schedule a visit or for any inquires please email Signe at .

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